This Project was aimed to Design an Indoor Gardening system for Plants, Cannabis Plants to be precise. 3 gallon size grow system is perfect for young plants during the vegetative phase of plant growth. This Grow System has a unique sub irrigation Design aimed to solve the problems of hydroponic and soil growing methods.

The intended Design is superior to hand watering and irrigation systems for soil growing methods.  The sub-irrigation design grows cannabis plants, vegetables, culinary herbs and other medicinal herbs with two root systems for maximum yields. 

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Product Specifications

Hydro Reservoir:

 •3 Gallon Hydro Reservoir Measures 12” X 12” X 6”

 •Easy Access Openings For Watering and Ph, EC And TDS Meters

 •Hydro Reservoir And Hydro Wick Made From UV Protected HDPE

 •Depth Gauge made from Drinking Water Safe PVC